Goodbye Cabaret Voltaire!

This site contains artwork and activity of Wok The Rock. All materials in this site is free in case for non-commercial use only. Please feel free to contact me first if you want to use any contents on this site for your wonderful work. Contact me at

Yes No Wave Music

YES NO WAVE MUSIC is a netlabel based in Yogyakarta – Indonesia, run by Wok The Rock and Bagus Jalang. This online label permits band/musician to publish their works to a broader public. The mission is to promote works of young talents having not so many opportunities, financially to produce and distribute their works on vynil, CD or cassette formats. Together with band/musician involved we consent to produce works that will be distributed freely through the internet. Yes No Wave Music rest no limits on music genre.

Yes No Wave Music is a ‘gift economy’ act, an experiment of free music distribution to this capitallistic world. An act not to annihilate, yet to provide alternatives is free music works distribution. Yes No Wave Music produces also merchandise which sales allocated to fund the web’s hosting, domain and updates.

Open Call For Participation
Yes No Wave Music are willing to cooperate for music project productions, and later will be released through this label.



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